Richard M Hilton - Richard Hilton ignores code and does lousy work.

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I bought a Boulder house in 2007, newly constructed by Richard M Hilton.I believe he now lives and works in Carlsbad, Ca.

The drain from the washing machine wasn't hooked to the sewer and the water poured all over the basement. The shutoff valve to the irrigation system leaked. The sump pump system was inadequate and burned out during the warranty period. Mr.

Hilton promised to pay and did nothing. The roof over the garage was built without the required fireproofing and he didn't even put a drip edge. It leaked. He promised to fix it and hired somebody who did an inadequate job that made it worse.

Then he didn't even pay them the last time I checked. I finally had to hire my own roofer to get the job done right. He put a regular sump pump in the sewage ejection pit in the basement and that burned out. In all, I'm out for nearly $4000 in repairs that would never have been needed if Mr.

Hilton had done a half decent job.

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